Independence Day Celebrations at Q.M.S Northend was an amalgamation of talent and hardwork of our little ones who displayed their efforts and put forward a wonderful show. The young achievers of India were introduced in the morning assembly, the importance of independent India was laid down by a kindergarten student.. A vibrant India was shown through a dance performance.. Children celebrated with fun and fervor. Our Respected Principal Ma'am wished the staff and students and delivered the message of love, togetherness, peace and harmony amongst each other.

With immense happiness the tiny buds of kindergarten express their love towards their Nation and wish everyone a Happy 68th year of Independent India.

Jai Hind.



QMS, Northend truly believes that a "Healthy Mind Lies In A Healthy Body" keeping this in mind the tiny revelers of Kindergarten dedicated a month for spreading, adapting and focusing on good healthy habits.

For the entire month of July various class activities like eating salads, drinking healthy drinks, eating fruits and vegetables were imbibed in little ones. Special assemblies with ample pictures and flash cards, rhymes were done where children shared their treasure trove of talents and ideas with lot of zeal and enthusiasm for attaining better health.

It was all held with a motto to provide a new vision and knowledge to children for a healthy and desirable lifestyle. Educators kindled a spirit amongst students with the advice for saying NO TO JUNK FOOD, following fitness regimes, going for walks, keeping body clean and drinking good amount of water.

A very fruitful month indeed, full of learning while doing!!





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